About Founder

Dr Pavan Raj is the founder of Rashmi skin and hair clinic. He is one of the rare Dermatologist who has attained expertise in both Clinical Dermatology and Surgical Dermatology.

Dr Pavan Raj honed his skills in Dermatology during the MD course at Gauhati Medical college and Hospital , then gained vast experience in the Surgical Dermatology when he completed his fellowship in Dermatosurgery and Hair transplantation from  one of the premier Skin care facility in India, Cutis Academy of cutaneous sciences.

Dr Pavan Raj is a picture of patience and devotes plenty of time and attention to listen to his patients. Knowledge and years of experience has taught him that each patient and his needs are unique. He does not believe in one size fits all approach. Plenty of his patients over the years have vouched for his knowledge and management skills.

Services offered

Clinical Dermatology

To know is to understand,we have knowledge and experience to treat psoriasis, Vitiligo, Acne, Skin infections, Skin Allergies, conditions leading to dry skin and all skin related ailments.

Cosmetology & Dermatosurgery

For you to own the perfect look ,we offer Botox for wrinkle free skin, Surgeries to remove mole, warts, cysts, Lipomas, skin tags, scar reduction surgery, chemical peel for clear, younger skin.

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Hair & Scalp Disorders

Hair defines your identity and we have the tools to help you preserve your identity. Hair transplant, PRP and medicines to help you prevent hair fall and promote hair growth.

What patients say about us

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