Clinical dermatology

Clinical Dermatology

This field deals with treating different skin ailments like psoriasis, vitiligo and other conditions with medicines and life style advice. It requires indepth knowledge about the causes and associated problems so that correct management pathway is taken.


This systemic ailment presents as red, elevated, shiny patch on different parts of the body especially elbows, joints and head. If psoriasis is left untreated it can affect other organs. Psoriasis is treated with combination of Medicines, phototherapy and lifestyle adjustments.


This disease  causes more of emotional distress due to the stigma associated with it. This disease is characterised by loss of skin colour in patches. The disease is due to combination of multiple causes. Treatment includes medicines, skin graft, laser.


This is the most commonest skin condition affecting the teenagers and young adults. Acne is caused due to blockage of sweat glands and hormones play a big part. Acne can lead to emotional stress and social withdrawl. Acnes are treated with medicines, lifestyle changes and lasers to decrease scar.


Eczema along with Acne is the most common reason to seek Dermatologist consultation.Skin gets very dry and itchy.In severe cases skin gets infected.

Allergic skin conditions

Lot of people suffer from allergies of varied types. Most common being dust,pollen and metal allergy. Skin reacts by exhibiting rashes of varied types. Treatment involves in identifying the cause of allergy and aiming at avoiding it. Medications will aim at relieving the symptoms.


Millions of Rupees are spent by lot of people to get the Dandruff treated. It also comes with its own myths and beliefs. Dandruff is basically Fungal infection which can be easily treated with medications. Knowing the cause of problem can solve the problem easily.

Skin infections

Bacteria, Fungi and Virus all can cause infections of the skin and cause great deal of misery. Treatments are easily available once the cause of infection is found out.

Rashmi Skin And Hair clinic has the knowledge and expertise to treat any skin ailment which presents to our clinic.

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