Cosmetology and Dermatosurgery

The digital world and social media platforms have brought intense focus on the way we look and how others perceive us in the group. Everybody is aspiring to have the Skin without blemishes. Rashmi Skin And Hair clinic offers professional and most importantly ethical treatment option for you to own the perfect skin. 

Botox, chemical peel, Scar reduction surgeries, Removal of skin tags, warts, moles, lipomas and cysts are all the tools we have, to remove all the blemishes.


This magical injection will wipe away the wrinkles on your face, neck as if we have ironed a wrinkled cloth. The wrinkles will no longer be visible making you look younger.

Chemical peel

As a person ages, skin starts to wrinkle, develop dark spots and lose its tone. Chemical peel uses a naturally derived fruit extract to peel away the damaged, pigmented superficial layers to give you a toned,  spotfree younger skin. Finewrinkles can also be treated with this procedure.

Minor surgeries

Warts and skin tags are the most disliked growths on the skin by majority of patients. They are very small in size but cause lot of annoyance and discomfort. We have a Radiosurgey machine which can completely get rid of the small growths.

Some moles can add value to your looks but majority of the moles are cause for discomfort.We have machines and also surgical options to get rid of them.

Lipomas and cyst removal

Lipomas are bumps filled with fat and can be unsightly. Cysts are also bumps on skin filled with different natural substances.We offer minor surgical procedures to get rid of them.


Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen at very low temperature to get rid of warts,moles and other small growths.

Derma Roller

Skin gets uneven due to scars by acne, chicken pox, accident, burns, stretch marks etc. Derma roller is used to make the skin very smooth,even and glowing.

Perfect and younger looking skin is the name of the game and Rashmi Skin And Hair clinic will help you to achieve this safely.

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