Hair transplants and Hair loss treatment

Hair transplant and Hair loss treatment

Magical potions, Family secrets, Curds, Oil, Herbs, eggs, countless types of tablets have all been used to just preserve one important thing on our body most importantly head, that is HAIRS.

Man has since time immemorial tried hundreds of remedies to stop hair loss and improve hair growth. This shows the importance of the hair for an individual.

We at Rashmi clinic understand the patients concern and also the science behind Hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hairloss is a very complex issue because of various causes leading to hairloss, be it hormones ,nutritional deficiencies, personal care and hygiene, medicines causing hairloss and many more.

Dr Pavan Raj, understands all the causes and offers wide range of treatment to prevent hairloss, help hair growth and last option Hair transplant.

Medicines,lotions,PRP ( Injections to facilitate hair growth) are the nonsurgical options available. PRP can also be used to treat different parts of face and body to get younger ,toned skin and also heal different injuries faster.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure which Dr Pavan Raj is a master at, which will help you regain hair at places where the medicines have not helped and there are no other alternatives.

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