Welcome to online consultation at Rashmi skin & Hair Clinc

Consultation for all skin, hair and nail related problems



  • This platform is designed preferably for review of patients who have already been seen by Doctors in the clinic. New patients can also avail this facility
  • It is not an interactive session , the Doctor will review your notes, photo and get back to you as soon as possible (Usually with in 48 hours) via email/ Phone
  • It is designed to help patients who cannot physically attend the clinic.
  • All the information, details and photos uploaded are confidential
  • If needed the doctor can request you to attend the clinic in person


  • Please note that you are choosing to have online consultation out of your own will.
  • Use this only when you cannot physically attend the clinic.
  • I hereby give consent to be evaluated by the treating doctor for myself or my relative by online /tele/ digital medium fully understanding the limitations of the technology.
  • The information given below is true to the best of my knowledge.

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